Madden NFL 18 – It’s All Going Back (Review)

The latest part of the “Madden” series has been out for a few days and is supposed to spell the players once again. But could “Madden NFL 18″ convince us this time? Everything you need to know about the title, you can read below.

The new “Madden NFL” title, as always, is a very good introduction to the real game and is therefore interesting for newcomers as well as for enthusiastic fans. Furthermore, there are some exciting innovations, which we want to introduce you in more detail below. On board, for example, a completely new game mode, which creates a relation to reality and is always updated, and a story mode. Similar to “FIFA”, he tells the story of a special player who accompanies her on the way to the NFL-Draft.


My name is Devin Wade!

Let us stay with one of these innovations. What exactly is this story mode called Longshot and what can it do? It is about Devin Wade, whose real career began as a quarterback at a high school. Well, three years later, he uses his last chance to come into the NFL draft. As a player you are experiencing this challenge up close. At this point, we can already assure you that the story mode is very good for us. After all, this mode provides a new boost within the Sport range. Especially the pleasant characters as well as numerous guest appearances make for a beautiful picture. Furthermore, the narrative is well chosen. In a direct comparison to “The Journey” from “FIFA”, the story of “Madden NFL 18″ is much more entertaining, which is certainly also at the Quicktime events. Above all, the opportunity to decide for ourselves what Devin Wade says we find great. This reminds us a bit of the games at Telltale Games, where there is also a lot of decisions.

However, there is a big but. We find it a pity that the mode is complete in English. This is a clear disadvantage for people who do not speak the language so well. From the developer’s point of view, however, we are able to understand this decision. In proportion, the effort for synchronization is much too high. The importance of the story mode is far too low for this. In our opinion, however, it can definitely be expanded.

The Beginning

Let us now come to the actual game – the actual football. If you look for a loan for the first time this sport, you are with a high Probably totally confused. One wonders: What actually happens here? To avoid this situation, “Madden NFL 18″ offers a tutorial. This is where the basic gameplay is brought to the player. In order to get all the moves and moves, you should definitely play the different tutorials. Consider it as a kind of training. It also tells you what new features are and how they work. One of the new features is, for example, free fitting, which can be really useful. It is therefore imperative to master it.


Now I Know

Once we have completed the tutorial, it can finally get going. After a few rounds you quickly realize that the game now feels much more realistic. This is mainly due to the revised Jukes. On the one hand, they can be played more smoothly and on the other hand, they are no longer as strong as they were before. And the optimization of the KI-Defense also contributes to this. It is often necessary to use a good tactic to break through the opponents’ defense and, in the best case, to score a point. It is also noticeable that weaker teams are no longer so weak. The boys can not be played without problems. The relationship to reality is also beautiful. After all, each team has a personal play style, which fans in particular will be rediscovered.

As already mentioned, “Madden NFL 18″ has some innovations. The free passports referred to above enable better control and the allocation of cover is particularly helpful in the exercise of personal tactics. Even if the mentioned features are well implemented, the title does not feel much different than its predecessor. At least if you look purely from the playful aspect.

Very nice are the different game variants. Beginner is recommended to choose Arcade mode. Here, the game is more action-packed and is not quite as demanding. This is undoubtedly good to play. If you master the matter, you should switch to the simulation. As a player, you can rely on an authentic gameplay as well as the official rules of the NFL.

Looks Good?

Compared to the previous year, the graphics have been extremely improved. This is mainly due to the fact that the developers at “Madden NFL 18″ put the Frostbite Engine in the series for the first time. This is supposed to make everything look even more realistic. We have to admit that the game looks really nice.


In “Madden NFL 18″ we could not find any bigger bugs, which would have taken away the game. What fascinated us as well as last year are the stadiums. They create a wonderful atmosphere and the lights are reflected on the football helmets, which can also scratch by the way. These are little things, but these are the things that make up a game. What has also been quite authentic is the different tattoos of the individual players. Here too, of course, it is only a tiny detail. All in all, you can say to the graphic that is at a high level. The change to the Frostbite Engine has paid off.

Also the choice of the soundtrack the developers have proved a happy hand. The music titles are matched so that you have the same desire for a round Madden. In addition, thanks to some improvements, the players get a real goose bumps when they are in the stadium. As mentioned above, the atmosphere is undoubtedly praiseworthy. To the moderators in “Madden NFL 18″ nothing new to say. Really something changed, has not changed in this regard. Finally, we can only say that EA has done everything right with the sound.


Our opinion about “Madden NFL 18″ is very positive. Because in the latest offshoot of the series, many features have been improved or changed, which not only appeals to us but also have a significant effect on the gameplay. The sound has once again been outstandingly successful and convincing all along the line. What does not like us so much, is the fact that the game once again has to renounce to German synchronization. Especially in the story mode is the annoying. The graphic has also been slightly raised this year compared to the previous year, thanks in particular to the new engine. In conclusion one can only say that “Madden NFL 18″ actually as every year a very clear purchase recommendation.

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